Examples of various marketing strategies our solutions are being utilised for.

You can create and upload your own content, have a third-party company do this for you, or ask us for assistance. ISB's software also allows you to mix National, Regional and local content all into one playlist.

ISB also offers a variety of free content for all members.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like a FREE NO OBLIGATION AUDIT of your digital signage solution.







Sample content - Charities

Being able to be a Socially Responsible business is on every business-person's mind.  Here at ISB we have made it part of our business philosophy. To assist you in being able to reach out to the community we are building a huge library of free content that you can build into any of your play-lists.


Anxiety New Zealand Free Advertisement

IHC Annual Appeal

Daffodil Day Appeal

Movember Mens Health Advertisement

Cancer Society Advertisement

Age Concern Advertisement


Sample content - Community Networks

Below is an example of content being utilised in the Browns Bay Community. This strategy enables local businesses to sponsor screens within their local communities, this enables local community groups and charities to get their message out to the community for little to no cost.


Neighbourhood Support Advertisement

Community Promotion Example

Citizens Advise Information

Browns Bay Cleanup Advertisement

Example Events

Promote Browns Bay Example



Sample content - NZ Holidays

Got a business? Like to inform your customers of your holiday trading hours, or just like to wish them an enjoyable time over this period. ISB has free generic content for all our members to schedule and use! 


Example: Queens Birthday Advertisement


Example: Customised Easter Advertisement


Example: Customised Xmas Advertisement




Sample content - Fundraisers & Local Community News

As our software can be scheduled right down to a store by store basis, this means you now have the flexibility to enable local community content including helping out local Kindergartens, Schools, Sports Clubs and any other fund raising organisation you choose.


Avondale Primary Gala Event

Community Fundraising Event

Local Library Events



Sample content - B2B2B2B etc

want to have all your content running in store, also want to mix in some ISB free content and then decide you would like to network with similar businesses within your local community who are targeting a similar demographic? ISB's software makes it easy to collabo rate with other businesses, you decide who and what content you play.


B2B: Payless Paints


B2B: Central Landscaping


B2B: Avondale Accountants




Sample content - Industry Specific Advertising

To assist you with content  to incorporate into your play lists, ISB is building lists of Industry Specific Content for you to utilise Free of Charge. No matter what industry sector you are in ISB will have some default content you can incorporate into your playlists to ensure you can start your platform off with relevant informative content for your customers.


Pharmacy: Pamol


Pharmacy: Coral Colours


Pharmacy: Dermasoft


Grocery Store: Bluebird


Grocery Store: Bluebird


Grocery Store: Bluebird



Blackboard Specials


HTML5 video with monthly special


Promote Prezzie Card